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The new bigger jar has replaced the previous jar which was smaller.


Gochujang is one of the 3 Must-Have condiments in Korean households.


However, the industrial recipe often includes more than 50% corn syrup.


HoF is once again turning the clock backward: Plums and Nectarine to be part of the first stage of fermentation as when the fermentation reaches its full stage, Gochujang becomes Confi preservation methodology. Hence why it is called hybrid of fermentation and confi making. 


This condiment will now be your must-have after just one small teaspoon full.


Ingredient List:


  • Fresh Chili Peppers
  • Korean Sun-dried Chili pepper powder
  • 7 mixed Rice Porridge and house-made Vegetable Stock (17 ingredients including 3 sealants)
  • Plums and Nectarine
  • Sea Salts
  • Fermented Soy sauce

Gochujang with Plum & Nectarine

€ 13,00Prijs
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