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About Mina 

If you ever wondered who the person behind this business is, here are some quick facts:

  • Born and raised in Jinju, South Korea

  • Typical Capricorn, 39 going 40


Taking after my father

  • Golden Retriever like energy and personality

  • Love being around like-minded people

  • Always up to something creative, crafty or inventive


Taking after my mother

  • Adventurous, fun-loving, I eat all the time, and love to cook sustainably

  • Self-doubting at times, might escalate stupid things quite quickly into major jokes

  • Extremely resourceful, a survivor, quick on the feet, street smart


“You can drop her in the middle of the desert and she will find her way out” - my high school teacher said once.

Corporate trainer

Corporate Trainer 

Learning program Facilitator

Learning program Development

  • 17-year and continuing experience in Learning and Development.  

  • Specialized in intensive, peer to peer training program on public speaking, corporate integration, inclusion & identity at workplaces, cultural integration and language learning.   

  • Run light version of The Table for Career Development for Booking's family and partners. 

  • Consult and design customized sessions and learning programs for learners of all backgrounds.

  • Cambridge University Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults - Barcelona. 

  • Deeply passionate about Growth Mindset, learning for life, empowered to empower, 

About mom

About my mother

  • Born and raised in Choongmoo (now called Tongyung)

  • Post-Korean war generation & famine survivor. 

  • Being practically a single mom, raised 3 boys and 1 girl.

  • Terrible cook due to her dull pallet

  • Though she knew a lot about seafood, its health benefits, overall kitchen work.

  • Tiny but stacky. 

  • Daring, confrontational and has no filter. 

  • Loved hosting social gatherings.

  • Ran a tiny restaurant often times failing ones because she ran it to meet her friends there. 

  • Often called the ladies to her tiny restaurant to hang out instead of running a business. 

  • Loved going to public bathhouse just to hang out and gossip with local ladies

"I have a restaurant so that the people come and have fun. It's not for money but for fun." 

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