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Dine to Connect 2024

Korean Table that aligns your Body - Soul - Mind in Harmony

  • 73 euros
  • House of Fermentation

Beschrijving van de dienst

Summer is in full swing early this year and the heatwave has got all of us feeling drained. So July Edition Dine to Connect will be showcasing some of the Cold Summer Dishes of Korea. For July Edition, you will be served 2 types of main dishes: Cold Bibim Kooksoo & Ssamjang Riceball Don't worry. Along with the two main dishes, you will still be served other sidedishes because, in Korea, it's not considered a 'Meal' without biodiverse side dishes. :) - Principle of the Dine to Connect - Dinner: Each month, guests will enjoy carefully selected Korean dishes that incorporate seasonal local ingredients prepared in Korean recipes along with the philosophy of Temple Food, and Sustainability. No processed sugar, Nor corn syrup Zero-Waste Low to zero gluten ingredients Low fattening ingredients Bio-diverse combinations One-of-a-kind dinner menus and experiences All dishes are available for a free refill just like in Korea. The ticket price includes one house-made drink per person. It's a soft networking dinner event so all the seats will be randomly shuffled. Don't expect to sit next to your familiar guests. ;) See you at the table! Yours truly, Mina Note: The images below are from the previous dinner edition.

Aankomende sessies


  • Witte de Withstraat 148h, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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