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Release date: 10th June 2024


This is a variation of Kimchi that includes this year's Nectarines (Nectarine 8 : Peach 2). Nectarines are a great source of nutrition for microorganisms. Nectarine ferments in a different way from Apples, pumpkins or plums.


The only way to figure out how is to let the fermentation take its course, and see what happens. Trust the microorganisms and let nature be. And that is the final wisdom of Kimchi.


23 Ingredient List


Body: Nappa cabbages - Netherlands & Germany


  • Codium - Baltic sea pr Portugese Pacific

  • Kelp - South Korea

  • Seaweed - South Korea

  • Nectarines

  • Peach

  • Sun-dried red pepper powder - South Korea (Soon to be house-made)

  • Naturally Fermented Soy Sauce (Joseon Ganjang) - South Korea (Soon to be house-made)

  • 7 mixed grain rice porridge

  • Apples - Netherlands

  • Onions - Netherlands

  • Garlic - Netherlands

  • Ginger - Netherlands

  • Leeks - Netherlands

  • Scallions - Netherlands

  • Carrots - Netherlands

  • Fresh chili peppers - Netherlands


  • Natural Sea Salt - France 'Only used during the dehydration stage then washed off after. 

Aged Kimchi with Nectarine

€ 30,00Prijs
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