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Kimchi Taco Leftover Bowl



Topping ideas:

  • Crushed taco shells for extra crunch

  • Guacamole or avocado slices

  • Fresh cabbage or lettuce slices (any kind works, we used Iceberg lettuce)

  • Red or green chili pepper slices

  • Pan-fried eggplant (another leftover from Kimchi Taco)

  • Regular salsa if you would like!

  • Cheese of your choice (cheddar types, ricotta or feta works best)


  1. Use leftover taco filling and Kimchi salsa to form the base of the bowl. Heat them up prior if you’d like.

  2. Add different toppings of your choice to the bowl. If you have any leftover vegetables you’re not sure what to do with, pan fry and toss them in. Be creative with it and have fun!

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